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Hello my name is Treya Tolbert

PowerPulze was inspired by my own
struggles with weight and fitness.
We employ cutting-edge technologies
to improve your health and fitness.

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Benefits of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

Fast and Effective

Decades of research
and therapeutic use

Low Impact

No weights needed

Individual Support

Certified coach available

Fits into your Life

Everyday smart activewear

Your personal Ultra-Suit

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Just 15 min light motion
twice per week

  • ● Unlimited access
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Your personal Ultra-Suit

Individually train each each body area

While watching tv, reading, walking…

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  • ● In person
  • ● Group classes

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Effortlessly Tone and Firm with Electro Muscle Stimulation! The secret weapon for Celebrities Revealed!

Watch What Hottest Celebs Are Saying!

Celebrities often share their fitness routines and attitudes towards their bodies. Rihanna emphasizes the importance of having a personal trainer for motivation. Kim Kardashian encourages embracing curves and being confident. Cara Delevingne believes that confidence brings sexiness. Kate Hudson mentions Brazilian Butt Lifts and Pilates as her go-to workouts. Gigi Hadid promotes eating clean but also enjoying indulgences.

You’re favorite super heroes - Secret Workout

Tom Holland, known for his role as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, incorporated NMES (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training as part of his fitness routine. He referred to it as his “secret weapon” and praised its effectiveness, encouraging others to try it. Holland’s dedication to his fitness extends beyond NMES training, as he has showcased his speed and agility in a boxing workout. Additionally, he has embraced challenges like the handstand challenge on social media.

NMES In The News

Low Impact, Injury-Free Workouts!

Regardless of fitness level or experience, anyone can get injured during a workout. To prevent injury, it is important to approach a new fitness regimen gradually, avoid overtraining, seek outside guidance, and read the fine print to avoid becoming an at-home injury statistic

Common workout injuries include

Accelerates and Aids Recovery!

And if you’re already injured and nursing yourself back to health, NMES has been used extensively to speed up recovery. The no-weight, no-strain, low-impact training tool limbers and loosens strained muscles to make them more susceptible to healing. For many people, this painless procedure accelerates recovery and provides instant relief from aching, uncomfortable symptoms, allowing you to get stronger, faster.

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